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We are 4 Textile Artists who went on a month's Residency at The Textile Centre in Blonduos, Iceland in 2019 and again in 2023. Our aim was to share our individual specialist skills and to create a collaborative environment for significant professional development.

The other three artists are: 

Annette Mills: 

Jennifer Jones:

Delia Salter:

To see all our adventures and creative explorations read our blog:  

We exhibited an exhibition of work inspired from our trip, Echoes of Iceland, at the Allen Gallery in Alton Nov 5th 2022 - Jan 15th 2023 and will have another exhibition there in 2024 dates tbc

We have now all been featured in the 2019 Icelandic Textile Center Art Residency catalogue

View my ongoing work inspired by Iceland here and also now on my Textile Art Facebook page

2019-05-30 16.59.34.jpg
2019-05-29 11.56.51.jpg
Tara Kennedy_ Continuous_ 2019.jpg
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