I am a Textile Artist creating conceptual sculptures, hangings and wall art inspired by emotional responses. My techniques include knitting, stitch, wrapping, felting, and shibori and the materials I work with mostly involve mixed yarns, fabrics and threads.  I also make detailed drawings.

I have a BA in Fine Art and Textiles and have recently graduated from an MA in Textile Art. with a Distinction.

My current work started from a need to express the unity of my mixed cultural heritage. The despair I feel of different cultures and religions suffering in conflict drives me to express important messages of acceptance, empathy and hope in my work. I feel it is possible though understanding these messages there could be more harmonious outcomes.

My current body of work is about creating expressions of unity and hope emerging from this pain.

I am also part of art collective Transition, a group of artists form various craft disciplines working at Masters level of practice. www.transitioncraft design.co.uk

wrapped textile lengths