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  • I will be exhibiting at Cluster Crafts 2024 in partnership with MADBVL & London Craft Week May 15th - 19th

  • I will be exhibiting in Echoes of Iceland II with Textile Echoes at the Allen Gallery April 3rd - May 10th 2024, showcasing our response work while on our 2nd art residency in north Iceland in April 2023

  • I will be exhibiting in the REFLECTIONS OF SOUTH HILL PARK exhibition  with Consuo Textiles at South Hill Park, Bracknell on Sept 30th - Nov 5th

  • I will be exhibiting in the BEYOND TRAUMA exhibition at the Link Gallery at UCA Epsom on Sept 19th - Oct 29th

  • I am pleased to say I am now a member of the craft & design collective Craft Continuum 

  • I am pleased to say I am now a member of the textile collective Consuo Textiles

  • I currently have an exhibition of drawings of my textile artwork at the Allen Gallery in Alton until Mid to late January, date tbc

  • I will be exhibiting work inspired by Iceland where I spent a month long art residency with 3 other textile artists, at the Allen Gallery in Alton Nov 5th 2022 - Jan 15th 2023

  • I will be exhibiting my Hope Emerging sculpture in the Wells Art Contemporary installations at Wells Cathedral July 30th - Aug 28th 2022

  • My mini Emerging Hope quilt will be on display along with others as part of the Great British quilter mini quilt challenge at the Festival of Stitch at the London Design Centre March 3rd - 6th 2022

  • I am featured on the Materials Inside Podcast episode 13 with Joel Aleixo from Goodfellow, where we talk about my work and being part of an art collective, alongside 3 other members of the Transition group   

  • The Woven Tale Press have written a new article, 'In the Studio' on my working spaces 

  • I have a new post on the Textile Echoes blog: 'One Year On' - an update on new response work from our art residency at the Textile Center in Iceland

  • I have a featured article on the Feltmakers Ireland  website about my journey to being a textile artist:

        Interview with Tara Kennedy for Feltmakers Ireland  

Tara Kennedy - Unity - textile art wall hanging with mixed yarns
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