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This piece is inspired by the amazing changeable and contrasting landscape of Iceland. Made from Icelandic wool and mixed threads that are wrapped and embroidered. It depicts all the colours that I experienced from the black sand of the coastline, the basalt rocks, the blue seas, the hot spring mud pools, glacial waters, snow, waterfalls, lava fields, lichen and the rugged mountains.

Icelandic wool, mixed threads, wire


This piece also inspired by the changeable landscape involves 3 panels of wrapped Icelandic wool and mixed threads stitched and entwined together.

Icelandic wool, raw sheep's wool, mixed threads, mixed fabrics.


This piece was made whilst on an art Residency at the Textile Center in Blonduos, Iceland. My inspiration came from the awareness of immense space as the endless landscape became increasingly overwhelming. Using solely Icelandic materials with all the colours of the land including the black sand, the dramatic rock formations, the beautiful glacial waters and extraordinary lava fields. I created 'Continuous', a 37 meter long wrapped piece using Icelandic yarn, horse hair, raw sheep's wool, fish skins and yarn I dyed with Icelandic plants. By making such an extensive piece using a repetition of technique it helped me to express this continuous landscape. These photographs were taken on the coast near Blonduos where much of my inspiration originated.

Icelandic wool, horse hair, raw sheep's wool, fish skins 

 Continuous inspired by the landscape in Iceland