The painful suffering from cultural conflict could transform and develop into hope through unity, understanding and empathy

This message is created by an expression of unity and hope emerging from the pain of this suffering. A wrapping and binding technique has been used to express togetherness and protection. They begin with yarn bound blood coloured knots as a symbol of tension and suffering. These bound lengths either wrap around each other or are tied together in bundles expressing unity which then trickle out becoming pure bright drips of hope. I feel it is possible though understanding these messages there would be more desirable consequences and peace in the world.

Harmony 1 & 2 were designed and made for St.Marys Church in Purley-on-Thames, Berkshire and were on display in Nov/Dec 2017 coinciding with Remembrance Day as a memorial to all who suffered.

mixed yarns, wire, fabric strips, pva

Tara Kennedy © 2020

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